Sweetlane Vow Valentine ~ Gift with purchase

Every year we celebrate the season of love with an exclusive limited edition Vow gift to you! Vow, our cult-fan favorite has a very special story. Vow has been a nameless staple in our brand creators [Jessica Camper] kit since the beginning of her career as a professional artist and luxury cosmetic designer.

About that name: A very special creator, bridal make-up artist and social media maven Samantha Schuerman crowned it Vow! The perfect Valentine gift from Moonplay to you, our sweet Valentine!

What it is: Three piece gift with purchase

- One romantic hat box shaped make-up bag adorned with delicate white lace and red ribbon hand woven throughout, tipped with gold and finished with a big red bow on top.

- Next, a keepsake love stone! Saturated in lovers red, the genuine Steatite stone is carved in the shape of a heart. Steatite is a warming stone, believed to balance energy, attract love, freedom and positive calming energy. Warm to the touch, a perfect wellness love stone.

- One special Victorian style Valentine, from your secret Moonplay admirer, selected with love only for you!

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