Stellar Spectra Brush Set ~ LIMITED

What it is:

Stellar Spectra 7 Piece Brush Set, inspired by the glowing color of real stars! 

What it does:

Fantastic tools for any kit... amazing for makeup-artistry event work!

Who it's for:

Everyone! We loved this set for our Colorwiz Artists. You guys are SO talented...Twirl, swirl, stipple, beat that face with stardust brushes on stage, camera and photos. TOTAL. SHOW. STOPPER. 

Color Options:

Our Stellar Collection is available in 2 starry colors:

  • Rose Star Diamond ~ Named after the diamond-like sparking  rosy cluster located in the constellation Sagittarius.
  • Sirius Star Diamond ~ Named after the brightest star seen from earth. Pure white-silvery blue in color, Sirius is also known for it's radial flickers, the rainbow star.  Located near Orion's Belt in the constellation Canis Major.

What you get:

Set of seven brushes includes:

  1. Large micro-fray tip, dome head powder brush.
  2. Large soft angle tip, contour powder/powder-cream brush.
  3. Medium long straight hair tip, blending detail brush.
  4. Medium-filbert bouncy-balanced tention concealer brush.
  5. Small-filbert firm tension concealer brush.
  6. Mini-dome micro-fray tip, detail blending brush.
  7. Mini-angle sharp cut tip, brow and lip detail brush.
100%Cruelty-free, vegan brushes. 





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