Sugar Plum Jewel Orb Brush Gift Set

Limited Edition Orb Brush Gift Set 

As we move into the season of warmth, it is the perfect time to reflect on everything we are thankful for,  Y.O.U. Colorwiz!

To ensure your November events are a huge hit this year, we are sending a little fashion cheer! Inspired by iridescent stained glass, cinnamon, spice, sparkling royal jewel tones, apple cider and holiday magic. Sugar Plum Jewel is the perfect way to spice up your tool-kit and inspire the muse within.

What it is:

This unique spicy plum iridescent holiday make-up bag doubles as a show-stopping clutch.

Large signature orb brush in black-cherry with gun-metal trim and mirrored zipper coin. Sure to be a favorite addition to any spicy Colorwiz tool-kit!

What it does:

Light-up your kit with style! A rare plum-iridescent colored make bag will hold your favorite Stroboscopes and more. Large powder brush used to apply powders on face and body.

Cruelty free

Moonplay Secret Family Recipe:

With you in mind! A Moonplay secret family recipe to kick off the season of giving.

Moonplay Kiss Me! Sugar Plum Lip Recipe

Step 1. Exfoliate lips:

Choose a favorite organic soothing oil (coconut, olive, chamomile). Next, mix ½ pinch small grain raw sugar. Gently glide mixture across lips in circular motion. Using a soft cotton cloth, lightly blot to remove mixture. Repeat blot step as needed, finish with your favorite lip moisturizer, relax.

Step 2. Color lip-base:

Begin with a coat of your favorite liquid lipstick, lip-cream or lip-stain in shades of deep burgundy –warm plum or neutral deep mauve. For our fearless babes, try a warm midnight blue-black!

Classic beauty:

Darker lips can be balanced with softer eye applications. Cat liner, nude lids, expressive lashes are a great choice. Color harmonics, match lip-color undertone with blush-color undertone.

Step 3. Lip-toppings:

Add sparkle and shine! Mix one pinch Stroboscope Hyper-flash powder in Vow to gloss fancy favorite. Mix with transparent full body gloss- glossy creams or shine sticks. Using a lip-brush, start bottom center and feather mixture out sheer to lip-line.

Step 4. Frame your work:

Shape punctuation! Match lip pencil to lip-base shade. Anchor hand with puff covered pinky. Once steady, create your lip shape. Go back with lip-topper as needed pulling a final thin layer center to edge. Leave no line behind!

Be it classic holiday beauty, quirky natural –alien cyber queen our one and only rule? Be yourself!

Create your way Colorwiz!

 #moonplaycosmetics to share YOUR secret recipe!







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