February 28, 2017

Moondate 28 February 2017

Hi!  Captain Zazz here, back from my moon dust collecting adventure.  And what an adventure it was!  So glad to be back with our Colorwiz kids, and I must say, I'm just in time for an exciting event here at Moonplay!   With Spring on the horizon, we are preparing to offer you something wonderful...something magical!  Come with Moonplay Cosmetics and Samantha Schuerman on a Unicorn hunt!  You are in for an amazing experience!

If you don't mind, let me debrief you on exactly what you will be capturing when you find a Unicorn.  You know, throughout the ages, Unicorns have been prized for their magical powers of healing, beauty, and love.  Images of Unicorns have been found on French cave dwellings, described many times in the pages of renowned publications, have been painted, and woven into tapestries, and impressive works of art.  But the most familiar image we see when we close our eyes and think of a Unicorn is a gleaming white horse with a single spiral horn at the brow, surrounded by rainbows.  But what of the force of the Unicorn?  When you harness the power of the Unicorn spirit, you can see beyond your own eyes to opportunities just waiting to be discovered.  Capturing the majesty of the unicorn means you are open to infinite possibilities that surround you every day.  The Unicorn also symbolizes success.  What are your dreams?  Tap into the rainbow of imagination and find success in whatever you choose to pursue.

The Idea of the Unicorn as a literal creature, versus one that exists only in mythology has been widely debated but…we at Moonplay believe in Unicorns!  Unicorns can shift between the visible and invisible worlds. Does that sound a little familiar? If you know the properties of our Hyperflash powders, you know the concept of color shifting. When you wisp on Vow, you are harnessing the magnetism of the Unicorn. If you layer it with NYC Vamp...Wow! You are displaying all the visible shifting properties of the Unicorn.  We are so excited about Unicorns, that we are inviting you on this hunt! This new kit includes both Vow AND NYC Vamp, specially chosen by Sam...(her two favs).  These fab colors give you shades of pinks and purples that Sam loves so much.  These subtle tones are reminiscent of soft Spring blossoms.  But that's not all!  jes, our brand creator, designed this kit as a special 'Thank You' to our Colorwiz Kids, and Sam's fans.  Catch the Unicorn, and capture some really great surprises!  In the spirit of giving, you will also uncover some amazing gifts in this Unicorn offering.  I have to warn you, though.  As exciting as the hunt is, it won't last forever.  Like the Unicorn, these gifts are limited.  Join the hunt and let the orbbing begin!