Brand Creator

About the Brand Creator

Jessica K. Camper is the quiet, artistic genius often found behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. With a long list of clients across all mediums, Jessica’s work can be seen in film, television, print, and celebrity showcases. Featured in Allure magazine as one of the top make-up artists in her field, Jessica is best known for her incredible colors that are specifically customized  for her clients before every shoot.

Jessica’s work includes award-winning make-up artistry for companies such as: Josie Maran Cosmetics, Microsoft, Nike, Specialized Bicycles, Wieden+Kennedy, Y&R, Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and POSE, National Geographic’s Genius Picasso, Black Milk Clothing and Disney classics such as “10 Things I Hate About You.” 

Jessica has worked in cosmetic product development, design, education and marketing for iconic luxury cosmetic brands as seen in large retail companies. 

Jessica K. Camper is the founder and CEO of her own make-brand, Moonplay Cosmetics. Jessica creates vegan, cruelty free, non binary color formulations in small batches. Everything Moonplay makes is carefully designed to offer the most unique, innovative colors. Moonplay products, packaging and marketing all happen at Jessica’s Studio Labs in Los Angeles. Jessica continues to be a working pro artist creating custom blended make-up using the most rare and specialized ingredients. Whether creating for AHS or POSE, Jessica has earned the unique position as on set make-up designer, working with world renowned make-up artists such as Kerry Herta, three time Emmy Winner and founder of the premiere pro artist make-up school, Colour Box Make-up Studios. Moonplay has teamed up with Colour Box Studios as an approved brand and exclusive sponsor.  

“I was obsessed with art and creation as a child. I grew up seeing the world through beautiful images my father created. I was most definitely exposed to different kinds of beauty, which influenced me at a very early age. I believe beauty should be more than a product we apply. Beauty is a celebration of one’s true self in this very moment, an extension of joy we wish to share with our self and the world. Can lipstick change the world? Not hardly. But the person wearing it sure can. A person empowered with the freedom to express their truth, now that’s a force to be reckoned with.” 
~ Jessica Camper