Hyper-Flash Pigment Honeymoon *NEW*

Net Weight: 6 Grams

  • What it is:
    Multitasking highly-pigmented mixing powder, highlighter and blush in one.

    Surprise Colorwiz *NEW*

    The very first of its kind! Named by Creator Sam Schuerman, conceptualized almost by accident... Jessica Camper our brand creator sat down with Sam, chatting about makeup... As it happened, an idea came up to design a new product! Yes that happens almost 24/7 over here. The brainstorm was like any other until the topic of pigment done right surfaced. The more pigment we get the more complex blending becomes. Here's the catch. This type of pigment would need to preform like our Hyper-Flash finish formulation. Sheer, buildable, effortless blending, translucent.. LIVING MAKEUP..

    Highlight mixing powder

    The very first of its kind, Stroboscope Hyper-flash orb powder is a multi-tasking skin perfecting highlighting powder, and so much more. This high-performance powder with our luminescent formula was created from scratch using the finest high-tech color effects. This rainbow-reflector technology, with smart nano-optics, is a futuristic multi-tasking powder that comes to you in a loose form.

    Honeymoon: color and finish
    • Color : Saturated with a sexy warm fuchia base and  rainbow, golden-volcanic peach hyper-color travel effect.
    • Finish: High beam light reflection, fleshy sheer highly pigmented shimmer.
    What it does:

    Stroboscope was designed to mimic studio lighting effects. Our secret mixture of highly reflective silver, gold, and rainbow nano-particles create a brilliant high-beam light effect. Stroboscope instantly wraps your skin with ethereal light, creating the most flattering special effects, much like those of flash photography. Stroboscope is light responsive, and perfect for photo shoots or daily wear! Stroboscope was designed, and perfectly suited for the ever glowing mobile age! Now you can have real life filters anytime, anyplace to suit your every fancy!

    Did you know:
    • Stroboscope was designed for all skin types, tones and textures
    • Stroboscope is a cruelty-free product
    • Stroboscope is first designed by hand through a process of creative art mixology by our master colorist
    • All of our products are 100% original, no copies
    • We are made in the USA