MOONDATE:  20, JULY 2016


March 25, 2016

MOONDATE:  20, JULY 2016

Welcome all Colorwiz space travelers to the Moonplay Cosmetics blog. I am Captain Zazz, and I will be your commander on this journey. We are pleased to be celebrating the forty seventh anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. We have purposely chosen this date to coincide with the launching of our new luxury beauty brand, Moonplay Cosmetics.

Forty seven years ago today, the United States experienced one of the most amazing moments in our history. This moment mesmerized millions of humans whose eyes were fixed to their TV screens, (many still only black and white at that point), to witness an event that had never been seen before, and has yet to be duplicated by any other country in the world. Born of American innovation, intelligence, and motivation, this event was fueled by the dreams, and goals and promise of a president. The launching of Apollo 11 landed a manned space craft on the MOON. Without giving too much away, I remember that day! I was sitting in my living room in front of my black and white TV screen with a tiny 9 month old girlie-girl on my lap, and another (little girl) on the way. My exact words were, “Baby, look! I hope you remember this day, it’s really important!” “This is One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, Neil Armstrong. That moment was absolutely thrilling!!! For that moment, every person watching throughout the world was united in peace, and a profound sense of amazement.

Today, exactly forty seven years later, you are about to experience a launching of a different type, no less thrilling, I might add. For those of you who have been waiting, (as I have), you are about to witness a new translunar injection. You are about to experience something that has never been done before. This innovation was born of twenty five years of experience, learning, and small step by step successes over a three year development process. Today is the day…announcing Moonplay Stroboscope Hyper Flash Orb Powder!!!

Stroboscope comes to you in two Hyper Flash Powder Versions, (finishes), and in four shades. If you love sexy glowing skin you will LOVE Stroboscope. And, for those of you who are concerned about our little fury friends, know that Moonplay is a cruelty free application. Stroboscope is made of the most technologically advanced ingredients, and the purest of colors that are on the cutting edge. These all come together in a prism-like glow, might I say, reminiscent of what we imagine to be star dust. All of this designed by a professional artist, materialized from her own dreams, and goals of offering a truly remarkable product that looks amazing on everyone! We all know that true Beauty comes in many forms. This product was fashioned to compliment every individual’s true beauty. Congratulations to Jessica Camper, whose creativity and design made this new product possible. Kudos to the Moonplay Colorwiz team as well. Believe me; you are in for a treat! This is one small step for glowing strobe, and one giant leap for radiant skin.

Captain Zazz