August 06, 2016


Greetings from your Captain.

One of the most important facets of life that one can possess as an individual…a human being…is freedom. Freedom-seeking has always been the object of pursuit of truly forward thinking individuals. Freedom calls for no constraints, or restraints, no coercion, or subversion. Freedom cries for liberation, and ease of expression. Freedom requires no bonds, rather expects boldness, and unfettered exercise of independence, and the unobstructed flow of ideas. Freedom only truly answers to the laws of physics.

Why, you ask, would your captain be emphasizing freedom? That answer is simple. In order to create something new, no matter what it might be freedom must be the vehicle that drives the vision. With freedom also comes a little irreverence, a little (or a lot) of resistance to doing the same old thing, the same old way. Don’t get me wrong. There is something very positive to be said for the stable and steady life. Each of us has our purpose after all, but there is certainly freedom in knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose, whatever that may be. As for me, I’ve always had a restless gypsy spirit that drives everything I do in life, including being your Captain on this journey.

The importance of freedom to be who you are cannot be stressed enough. You surely know by now, that is a key concept of Moonplay Cosmetics. But, one of the greatest hindrances to freedom, to being who you are is fear; fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss. What are your dreams? What great things are in your stars? What is your secret, your inner most desire that nobody but you know. Come on, break out and chase your dreams… capture the freedom to be yourself, to fulfill your purpose and to live in freedom. You know what they say, “you only live once.” Never be afraid to follow your restless gypsy spirit. Moonplay fully supports it, because that is exactly what we are doing.

If you were to visit the Moonplay studio, you would see freedom in action. The Moonplay designers are looking forward to rolling out the results of the trendsetting multi-media efforts that have been ongoing since the launch. If you tend to have a restless gypsy spirit, and love the element of surprise, boy! Make your camp with Moonplay. Stay tuned to all media channels. Follow us as we exercise our freedom to present to you the Avant guard in cosmetics. Here’s hoping our shimmer will spark your confidence.


Captain Zazz