August 19, 2016


"Colour is fun, colour is just plain gorgeous, a gourmet meal for the eye, the window of the soul." - Rachel Wolf. 

We here at Moonplay, could not agree more.  Color is fused into our lives like threads of the finest silk.  It permeates every aspect of life, from the clothes we wear, to our emotional responses to color, whether conscious or unconscious.  Color filters into our dreams at night, and is often an important component of the dreams we seek to fulfill throughout our days.  Colors partner with us in the most important events of our lives, to enhance our beauty, reflect our personalities, and reveal our moods.  Color even speaks to life passages that we are experiencing.  Without color, life would be boring and dull.

Some time ago, it came to me how enmeshed color is within me, and ultimately within all of us.  I fell in love.  This wasn’t a simple love, or an infatuation…it was deep, passionate, unconditional love, the kind that leaves you weak in the knees; the happy throw-caution-to-the-wind kind of love.  As I was driving through the countryside one day alone, I looked to my right and saw a slight hillside of wild flowers.  I honestly had NEVER seen such wonderful colors in my entire life!  There, right before my eyes, was a blazing variety of every color you could imagine on that hillside.  I realized at that moment that color screams our most basic human emotions back at us like an echo, reflecting love, joy, sometimes sadness, pain, and every other facet in the spectrum of human emotion. 

We are all artists.  We paint our lives with the colors of our daily experiences, sometimes with a wide brush, sometimes with a small, to dot the hillsides of our thoughts like so many blazing wild flowers.  The primary goal of Moonplay Cosmetics is to give you the opportunity to express yourself as you see, (or feel) fit.  That word ‘fit’ is the right word, all right.  It means that you can choose how to best reflect your preferences, your mood of the day.  Stroboscope in four colors, will give you the option of reflecting your inner most workings at any given moment.  Am I saying that a ‘product’ is going to change your life? No, not exactly.  But, it will create the opportunity for you to let your inside out.  You will be your own artist using your favorite bush, Stroboscope as your color pallet, and your skin as the canvas.  Express yourself!   We’re here to help.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso


Captain Zazz