October 16, 2016

Captain's Log

Moondate: 16 OCTOBER, 2016

Greetings from your Captain! This has been an exciting time for us at Moonplay Cosmetics. Over the last several months we have seen a dream become reality. We have witnessed, and experienced events that were snatched from the artistic nebulous into real Earth time, via moon beams. We have been able to bring you four fantastic hyperflash powders to light up your look. This has been an exquisite journey, but it's just the beginning. And I must say, we would love to have you come and join us in our quest to make the world a more positive, and beautiful place by encouraging you to step out and follow your dreams. Now is the time, the day, for you to begin your own new endeavor. Go outside and look up right now! You will see an October super moon! Look up! Tonight you will be able to witness a rare celestial event. Tonight, at the same time, there will be a full moon, and the moon will also be as close to the Earth as it ever gets; hence, super moon! The moon will appear 14% larger, and 30% brighter in the sky than when the moon is farthest from Earth. The moon's looming proximity to Earth will bring with it all the hope of bright, and positive changes. And right now, we can all use some positivity, don't ya think?

Normally, I'm not one to talk about astrological concerns, however, I most certainly know that there is a correlation between the full moon, and its effect on every person living on Earth, even if there is no awareness of these effects. We know that the movement of the sun and moon influence the tides, and if humans are made of 55% to 60% water, (as they definitely are) then, OH YES! This super moon is going to have on effect on each of us. The super moon is said to bring with it 'very active, enthusiastic and outgoing energy'. As with most opportunities, it is up to each of us to take advantage of those presented. Even if one cannot "feel" the changing energy, it is an opportunity nevertheless, to think and rethink about goals and dreams that may have gone a little by the way. Is there something you have been wanting to do? Do you have a project that has stalled? Are you in a relationship that you know needs to change?, with this celestial energy at hand, is a good day to make a change.

Change looks a little different for everyone, but all change starts with a desire to do something different. The desire kicks in the motivation to change. Then, (and with the energy of the super moon), you take positive steps toward life changing actions! We at Moonplay, know the effects of the energy of the super moon toward forward movement. You may remember that we launched during a super moon! We are now inviting you to take full advantage of this wonderful happening. Go out! Look up!!! Your time has come. Whatever you have been pondering, make the firm decision to do it! If you've been wishing on a star, and have not seen results, stop wishing and look up! Look up and firmly resolve to not let another day go by without taking a step, even if it is ever so slight, toward your dream. The super moon may just provide you with the extra little energetic push you need. As always, Moonplay is here to support, and encourage you to follow your dreams. We are here to make you look and feel more beautiful, to sparkle, and shimmer as you move forward toward your grand success!!!

Captain Zazz