August 28, 2016

MOONDATE:  28 AUGUST,  2016 

Take a closer look….

“Look! Tiny droplets perched atop each green blade. Sun beams separate transparency into a thousand colors, a thousand minute rainbows. I saw that! I saw the blades of grass separately—each with its own little water partner, keeping watch as high as the blade had grown. I touched one…a life on a life balanced, sharing the sun that would soon separate them for a time…only to be reunited through the passing of darkness at dawn. Look closer! From up here it’s just so much wet grass, bothersome wet feet. Who looks close enough to see the rainbows cast? Who understands the message of the grass and the droplet? To whom does nature speak, and what does it say? In simplicity, I’ve found, there is complexity, but only upon taking a closer look.” Suzanne Chierici

Here’s a riddle for you. What do an opal and a droplet of water have in common? That’s an easy one! Rainbows, of course! Essentially, the same principle that shows us many variations of colors and patterns in an opal, is also at work when we see a rainbow, wherever it appears. One of the lessons of childhood science is that of triangular Prisms. What a wondrous phenomenon, this Prism principle. I think of it as a formula, in a way. Moisture (H2o) + light = a myriad of hues, in a linear pattern. There is something about a rainbow that can touch the deepest regions of our being. I’m not quite sure why rainbows have this effect on some of us, other than the fact that colors have a profound influence on our psyches, whether that fact is accepted or not. Or maybe it’s because true rainbows are so scarce and unpredictable.

Almost as personally reactive as rainbows, are the deep color configurations of the multi-fire opal. Similar to rainbows, opals display fabulous colors, albeit in more subtle ways. Did you know that without water, opals would not exist? Opals are formed in the waters of beyond ancient times, over millions and millions of years. Different from the rainbow, opals give us multiple patterns, and endless color combinations. Like snowflakes, no two opals are the same…like individuals, each opal is one of a kind…we are all one of a kind. The colors and diversity of opals is amazing, and the iridescent effect is equally remarkable.

The lesson of the rainbow and opal is repeated over and over again in all aspects of everyday life! The principle of color is revealed in the wonderful diversity of individuals with whom we interact. The rainbow influence is evident in the fashions, jewelry, makeup, nail colors, and accessories we choose to display on a daily basis…these speak of who we are, what our personal preferences are, and how we are faring up on any particular day. One of the goals of Moonplay, is to offer you a unique way to present yourself in variations of color and iridescence. We provide you with one more way to be able to display your personal message of

the day. The same “technology” that we see in rainbows and opals are at work in the amazing effect that Stroboscope affords you. Take a closer look at us! You will be amazed!