September 04, 2016

Captain’s Log


This is a most interesting time in which to live! There is just no way of knowing what we are stepping into in this century.  Well, for one thing, STAR WARS IS BACK!  For another, a Russian cosmonaut is somewhere out there, sitting in his easy chair, safe in the knowledge that he holds the record for longest time traveler ever.  He has spent more time in outer space than anyone in history, (that we know of, if you catch my drift).  Sergei Krikalev spent 803 days, 9 hours and 39 minutes orbiting the earth.  According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, this has earned him the distinction of having lived 0.02 seconds less than anyone else on earth.  I’m not quite sure how all that works.  The only piece of Einstein’s theory that I comprehend is his second law of thermodynamics…entropy, in short, every system moves toward disorder.  My systems suffer the effects of entropy every day…my work space, my vehicle, my abode…but, back to time travel. The effect that allows a slight hop into the future at this point is the theory of ‘time dilation’.  It has to do with speed.  As I understand it, the faster you move, forward, the more time lags behind, catapulting you milliseconds into the future. 

Apparently, at this point the ability to time travel comes only in minute increments of time, and so far, only into the future.  This century may see us traveling through space as easily as taking a trip to Pasadena from Pittsburgh.  According to this time dilation theory…though it isn’t just a theory, it’s a reality…traveling through space at a high rate of speed results in time travel, almost as a byproduct.  To my knowledge, no one has yet to intentionally time travel, though many have dreamed of doing just that, including your captain.  Unlike Sergei, I would really like to go back in time as well as forward, not necessarily to change anything, but only to satisfy a profound curiosity to know more about significant individuals from an everyday perspective.  I’d also like to take a peek at some of the people I’ve known, and have lost touch with over time.  Have you ever passed a falling down house and wondered about who built that house, who all lived there, what they did for a living, where did they come from, how many families have lived there? 

These are questions for the backwards time traveler. But, we are way further away from backwards time travel than the future counterpart.   Real future time travel is closer, and really only as far away as one more brilliant mind finally figuring out the ways of Star Trek, Star Wars and others of the like, into hyper drive.  That will be the true breakthrough to intentional time travel. 

Who wants to go?

In hyper drive you would be traveling at the speed of light: the speed of light =299 792 458 m / s.  That’s incredible!  At this point no one has traveled at the speed of light, in fact, the pervasive thinking on this is that no man (or woman), can travel at the speed of light or faster.  That would mean that they would arrive at a destination before they left.  Mind-boggling!  But! We can play with light right here on Earth.  In fact, Moonplay has found a way for you to experience the speed of light on a daily basis.  Well, maybe not traveling, but Stroboscope gives you a Hyper flash light effect that you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.  Since you cannot experience traveling at the speed of light, bring that light speedily to your look every day.  Hyperflash yourself…Stroboscope is out of this world!!!        


Captain Zazz