December 15, 2016

Hello from Captain Zazz,           

Over the years, these weeks in December have always seemed so magical!  I must say, I am a true believer in this most wonderful time of the year.   We at Moonplay are about to make your holiday a little more magical!  In the spirit of giving, we are offering you a special present when you purchase a Moonplay Cosmetics holiday gift set.  Our gift sets include one of the following; NYC Vamp, Lady Goldfish, or Dali Sand, plus Vow as well a special gift from our creator, jes.  Each gift has a meaning.  When you receive your gift set, look here to decipher the moon code for a holiday word of encouragement to carry you into  the coming year.  Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a great start in 2017 from Moonplay Cosmetics!

 1) Smokey Purl Moon

  Wow!  You've found a Smokey Purl Moon!  When you wear this gift, you will be as mysterious as the moon glimmering through a near-snowy winter's night.  Others will see the slight glint in your eye, and wonder what marvelous secrets you might be concealing just below the surface of your usually flirty and bright expression.  There is no doubt that you do not live in a black and white world, but one that reflects every shade nature has to offer.  May love and laughter be yours as you wear the Smokey Purl Moon!

  2) Caribbean Morning Moon

 Hey!  You found the Caribbean Morning Moon!  Wear this token to remind you of cool breezes, and sun drenched days.  Just as Antigua Island is said to have a different beach every day, this moon will accommodate your quiet lazy mornings, as well as your wild torrential romantic evenings.  This moon will remind you that any morning could very well be the beginning of surprising, unexpected opportunities, or a great chance for a do-over!  May prosperity and opportunity be yours as you wear the Caribbean Morning Moon.

3) Lapis Universe Moon

Look!  You've found a Lapis Universe Moon!  This magical stone is reminiscent of the first look back from space to the amazing view of Earth from the moon, with a sprinkle of sparkling gold stardust.  This wonderful treasure will send a little wink to those around you, quietly communicating that you are, at the same time, slightly aloof with a deep abiding spirit of reliance,  but also accessible and fun loving.  This wonderful amulet will remind you that all things are possible for those who dream high!  May dreams and enlightenment be yours as you wear the Lapis Universe Moon.  

4) Golden Harvest Moon

 Oh!  You've found the Golden Harvest Moon!  The Harvest moon rises at sunset for several days in a row 'crossing paths' with the sun.  This moon gives light just at the very time when it's needed the most.  It mimics the sun to bring brightness to the night.  Sporting a likeness of this moon directs attention to your willingness to offer compassion and comfort to your loved ones and friends at just the right moment.  Your natural ability to offer hope and love will bring those same gifts right back to you.  May light and tenderness be yours as you wear the Golden Harvest Moon

 5) Fire Hunter's Moon      

 Yes!  You've found the Fire Hunter's Moon!  This rare and blazing moon comes around once in a great while.  It's uniquely rare, but comes in succession over a period of time.  Traditionally, the time of the hunter's moon is a time of preparation for the coming season.  Donning this lovely fiery stone will reflect a passionate and rare soul.  Your strong convictions and avant-guard life style keeps you prepared for any eventuality that may come along.  You are always on the hunt for adventure, eclipsing all that tries to get in your way.  May adventure and success be yours as you wear the Fire Hunter's Moon.