MOONDATE:  29 JULY, 2016


July 29, 2016


Good day !  Captain Zazz here.

Amazing!  Isn’t that what you think when you look up and see a double rainbow after a hard rain?   And there are times at dusk when the sun seems to fight sleep by going down in blazing ocher, and bright fiery oranges, reds, and pinks, on a backdrop of fading blue.  It is remarkable how quickly the gray of the encroaching night seems to push the sun out of sight.  All of this happens ‘way out there’.

When I was in ninth grade, I lived on a farm for about six months.  I would lay on the slope in our front yard and look up at the clouds…WOW!  I could make out all kinds of things looking up at those clouds.  The clouds seemed so ‘way out there’. Now, I LOVE to take pictures of the top of the clouds when I’m flying, (mostly to LA).  There’s just something about seeing them from the top down; I find it ironic somehow.  Ironic because occasionally I’d see a plane, way back then, and wish I could be on it so I could see the clouds from the top down.

Well, there’s a lot to know about what’s going on ‘way out there’.   I cannot hope to know a fraction of what is happening at that altitude.  What I do know is that, if you could get into an air vehicle and travel straight up you would be ‘way out there’ at about 50 to 62 miles above sea level. Where is ‘way out where’ you say?  Outer space of course!  That’s where the sun lives, where the clouds originate, and the moon hangs out.  If only more of us could experience Outer space.  Most of us live here, in the Inner space, and gravity of earth.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  After all, we get to experience some of what Outer space has to offer, right here in the Inner space around us.   

We, at Moonplay Cosmetics, know that there is more than one kind of Inner space.  Yes, it is all around us; the places we go, and things we see, both natural and man-made.  But, we can go deeper, to the Inner space in each of us, where individual beauty exists.  Just as important as Outer space is to maintaining life, so our personal Inner space is essential to maintaining a positive sense of self.  I think Christina Aguilera had a good grasp on personal Inner space when she sang, “You are Beautiful, no matter what they say…”   Very few individuals have an easy way to go in life, so it falls to the strength of the workings of individual Inner space that enhances living and brings about an overcoming spirit.   

Beauty on the inside is certainly reflected on the outside.  One of the goals of Moonplay Cosmetics is to help you reflect your personal style, and inner beauty.  From the innovative concept of the Stroboscope Hyper Flash Orb Power, that brings your inner glow out, to the creative packaging, artistically designed by Jessica Camper, every aspect of Moonplay is created to make you look as amazing as quiet whispers of rainbows, sunsets, and clouds.  Our goal is to offer you an incredible product that will make you feel like you are ‘way out there’, confident and lovely.

This is your Captain, signing off.